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Information Appliances

  • Examined many facets of this market during a Multiclient study.
  • Evaluated the role and positioned the service and product potential of the Information Appliance market.


  • An evaluation of the 3D horizontal and vertical market forces in the 3D accelerator market.
  • A survey of the user and developer views of trends in 3D software.
  • A competitive evaluation of 3D software packages based on user surveys.
  • A comparative assessment of 3D software products including a functional and performance evaluation.
  • An evaluation of 3D industry sustainability - the construction of a 3D industry economic model.
  • A market assessment of the high end and 3D market.
  • An evaluation of the GIS and 3D market.
  • An assessment of 3D market dynamics.

Virtual Reality

  • An evaluation of current image generator technology for Virtual Reality based on an extrapolation of future trends and markets.
  • An assessment of Virtual Reality as the basis for an entertainment ride in low earth orbit.
  • A study of the applications of Virtual Reality to design engineering.


  • An examination of organizational structures used for multimedia content development.
  • An assessment of the application of U.S. multimedia technology and titles to the Japanese healthcare system.
  • An evaluation of the strategic market issues for electronic books compared to market forces in multimedia and personal computing.
  • An examination of audio compression technology.


  • An analysis of demographic and lifestyle factors in the siting of Location Based Entertainment (LBE) venues.
  • An evaluation of the cost and cost recovery issues in video servers for interactive television applications.
  • An assessment of the market for interactive entertainment both in and out of the home.
  • An assessment of developments in new media forms including interactive television, electronic newspapers, and digital magazines, in the United States, for a Japanese client.
  • An assessment of the potential markets for Location Based Entertainment.
  • The construction of an economic model for PC-based Coin-op Entertainment.


  • An evaluation of the Internet and E-commerce markets.
  • An assessment of the impact of the Internet on Call Centers.


  • An assessment of technologies and companies in disaster management for earthquake planning and response.
  • A review of risk management technologies for banking.
  • Technical due diligence and a market assessment for an investment placement in software, hardware, and content companies.


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