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At 4th Wave our mantra is quality, value, and responsiveness.

To accomplish this we use experience, tools, and resources.

A key strength at 4th Wave is its experience base. That is, because we continually work the challenges of solving client's problems this provides us with a diversity of experience. Many consultants dispense words where we focus on analysis. When it comes to looking to the future we again rely on our experience and analytical abilities to estimate market trends. 4th Wave is known for its conservative approach to market estimation. Experience has shown that hype is easy but getting close to the forces of reality requires experience and conservatism.

4th Wave is also known for its analytical approach to market assessment. For example, by combining our extensive collection of market databases and understanding of market forces we have written a number of market models. These allow us to simulate future markets and trends. Some of these models have been supplied to clients where they have been used to make significant market entry decisions.

The company has extensive resources which it uses to carry out our consulting practice. This includes in excess of 2,000 databases of market numbers and product analysis. Further, the accumulated experience of continually addressing specific needs of our clients keeps us on the edge of technology, markets and market dynamics. We normally attend 20+ trade shows a year and this further allows us to remain in contact with the industries we cover.

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