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To provide an analytical and strategic evaluation of markets which use computing technology.


Our core business is consulting. Virtually all of our work is on a custom basis. This allows us to focus on the specific issues the client has. By working with the client to refine the need, we seek to make sure we both understand the issues. 4th Wave then submits a short proposal that defines the scope of the work, the deliverables, the terms and conditions and amount. The vast majority of our work is fixed priced based on the proposal with the only direct cost being travel. Most of our studies result in a presentation. Clients like the direct interaction when the results are presented. When the work is completed we submit an invoice. At 4th Wave we take pride in our high level of repeat clients. Our consulting business is based on clients who continue to request the services of the firm. The best indicator of our success is when clients return again and again to use our services.

4th Wave respects the confidential requirements of its clients and routinely signs industry standard non-disclosure agreements. Further, we treat the identity of our clients as confidential and do not disclose our client list.

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